Saturday, September 28, 2013

When to Stop Because We Love You

There is a certain point where no matter how much you love a person, you have to tell them "NO".

I believe that addition is a disease. It's something that even the strongest people need help to overcome.

And getting that help doesn't make you weak or pathetic. It doesn't make you look bad. It shows that you know you have a problem and you are taking the time to go thru the steps to fix it. It says that you want a better life. It says you are ready for a lifestyle change towards the good.

Now I also agree that admitting you have a problem is the first step. But there's a difference between admitting you have a problem because you want to change and admitting you have a problem and not giving a shit about it.

Addiction impacts not just you but the people around you who love you.

I wish that someone could invent a time machine. That way I could go back and slap the shit out of whoever started taking prescription medicine for recreational use instead of for its actual purpose.

The impact it has on the individual is bad enough. Withdrawal including deadly withdrawal, overdosing, lying to you loved ones, using your loved ones, stealing from your loved ones and anyone else that you can, debt, giving yourself a record from robbing or breaking and entering. The list goes on and on. Then you have the family and friends who are out of who knows how much money and can never trust you again no matter how hard they want to.

I don't do drugs. I have more important things to spend my money on. And most of the people i know who do them are always going to. When I ask them why they do it, they answer for fun. I know grown ass people with children who still can't live without their buzz. I know people who know they have a problem and don't care. And I know people in denial. Drugs tear families apart. They make you lie and they make it so that no matter how hard I try, I can't trust you. You can't make someone stop what they are doing wrong if they don't want to stop and if they are lying to themselves about their problem.

I'm just going to end this here before I get even more personal. But this is a very touchy subject to me. I just wish i knew how to help this person before its too late. Every time i try, they deny it but the signs are still there Because I love them so so much and it kills me to see this and know this every day but this person will never know that or how I feel. I just wish i could help. I just wish they wanted help. I need help to help them before I lose them forever to either the justice system or the grim reaper.

If you are reading this, never give up on trying to help someone you know who is using no matter what drug of choice it is. I know I won't but I also don't know how to help.

And if you are a user and your reading this, please get help. Your family and friends love you so much more than you will ever know and want to help and see you get better. And if you are using because you don't have family or friends, then just know that I love you and I would love for you to get clean. If no one else does, I love you and think your life is worth being clean for.

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