Thursday, December 15, 2011

SOPA Is Bullshit

They are saying that it will help to save American jobs when in reality, it will hold back America and the possible progress that can be made to our country and actually LESSEN available jobs.

It may be a well intentioned Act but in reality it will hold us back. Yes there are plenty of people who abuse the Internet and illegally download music/movies/games/books/etc. BUT for every ONE person who abuses the power of the Internet, there are 5 more who use it in a POSITIVE way.

What these politicians don't understand about this act is that even if they pass it, there will still be people doing the illegal piracy junk. They will eventually find a way to work around this stupid act. So many different people use the Internet in not just their everyday lives but their jobs. If the SOPA is passed, the people who actually need the Internet for work will be put out of a job. Even if it doesn't happen right away, it will eventually come. Now, if this act is supposed to create MORE jobs, then why were these people not thought of? Because those politicians don't actually care. They just know that claiming that this act will "create" more jobs will make other politicians think that it is a legit claim without actually looking into it.

Our country should push forward but SOPA will push us BACK. Websites like Facebook, Google, Bing,, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Beautylish,, Blogger, and MORE will all be shut down. People like me who have Facebooks to keep in touch with friends in different towns, cities, states, and countries may be forced to loose touch with people they care about. People like (I can't believe I'm using him as am example, but...) Justin Bieber and Adam G. Sevani from Step Up 3D (Google him if your not sure who he is. While you still can that is...)were DISCOVERED on websites like YouTube. Many of the Gurus on YouTube who inspire millions of people with their talents every day have gotten more business because of websites like YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Beautylish. Why would the government want to mess with that?

Passing SOPA would destroy the Internet as we know it. When you think about it, SO MANY people NEED the Internet for their everyday jobs and lives. From the Taco Bell cashier whose registers update via Internet to serve the customers to the Marketing businessman who needs to check out the competition and has meetings via Web Chat to the YouTube guru who makes a living as a make up artist but gets more business because they get to showcase their talents online, to the celebrity who tries to get to know their fans better by a live U stream to the up and coming hopefuls who need to advertise their next show to gain fans to the church pastor who streams his sermons online for those who may be too sick to make it to service that day.

Stop SOPA for the love of our country and progress.