Monday, December 3, 2012

The Right Length For You

So after a long time of NOT posting, I finally am uploading a new post.

Tonight I think I want to address proper nail length. Nail length, as do eyebrows, is custom to you and your body/lifestyle. Let me explain.

If you know anything about eyebrows, then you know that your eyebrow shape is custom to how your face is...built i guess would be the right word. You just shape it around the contours of your face. But enough about eyebrows. I might upload a post with pics and all about how I do my eyebrows later on. Since I need to re-do them anyway because I actually do my own eyebrows.

But back to nails....
So, there are many things that can factor in on what is the right nail length for you. Keep in mind this is referring to natural nails only.

If you are always on your phone and texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, or if you are on the computer a lot, then you would probably want to go a more minimalist route. By minimalist, I mean either short like to your finger tip length or barely past it. I personally have an LG Droid Ally aka the ones that came out two years ago that I'm too broke to upgrade from lol. It has a slide out keyboard and a touch screen too. I have longer nails though and it at times is not just difficult but a pain in the ass to use both my slide out and on-screen keyboard. I can use the balls of my thumbs to use the slide out and the on screen key board which, to be honest it isn't always easy to use my on screen like that, or the tips of my nails on the slide out. it makes it more difficult to type. Also, typing on my laptop with longer nails can be annoying. They catch in the tiny spaces in between each key since i have to type with my nails vs my finger tips.

Another thing to factor into the equation is how much you use your hands, and what you use them for. Do you do your hair a lot? Are you always cleaning up/using chemicals?  do you have sensitive skin or dry hands? Chemicals, dry air, season change...things like this can have a drying effect on your nails. therefore making them dry and brittle. especially if you don't use and cuticle oil or lotions and things of that nature.

When you have longer nails, you have problems like stress points to worry about. stress points are the cracks you get at the sides of your nails where you constantly put pressure on them. The longer you keep your nails, the more natural stress points will appear. Once they start cracking, its time to cut them down. Personally, if the crack is too low on the nail, Ill try to patch it until it grows enough for me to comfortably trim the nail.

Things like this are the things that you need to factor in when deciding whether to keep your nails short and sweet, or let them get a little length going on.

Happy holidays guys. I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and have had a good one so far. I am trying to come back more often to post more often so you guys can know whats up and get new posts from me. Thanks :)