Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Always A Surprise, Never A Shock

From Lady Gaga in a G-string to Taylor Swifts catty side, this years VMAs didn't stray from the usual element of surprise.

This year Lady Gaga opened with a somewhat normal performance ending with her in a g-string and sea shell bra. Taylor Swift accepted an award after Kanye West performed and made it all the way thru her speech the first time. NSYNC reunited during JTs performance and then broke all our hearts by announcing they will not be touring.

But the one performance that still has everyone talking is Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. Miley was one of the first performers of the night with her...um....hit...? song We Can't Stop in a teddy bear leotard. From dry humping teddy bears to twerking, this no longer tween pop sensation let it all hang out there while waving around a giant foam finger with red nails using it as dare i say her penis while she obscenely gestured to the crowd.

Cut from that to Robin Thicke coming out and her singing a verse from his song Blurred Lines now in a nude latex bikini, rubbing her foam finger on his crotch and backing it up on him as she bent over and did what she does best twerk and stick her tounge out.

Robin stayed professional with a neutral expression. The crowd on the other hand didn't bother hiding how they felt. With varying expressions of disgust, confusion, embarrassment, pity and indifference the resulting crowd shots are hilarious. Even Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift who started off supportive ended up with the same look of shock and disgust.

Now Miley, i get it. You are 20 now, you've broken out of the wholesome Disney chains and want to prove your no longer little Hannah Montana and be an adult. Hilary Duff did it, Selena Gomez is doing it, hell even Kevin Jonas got married and was upgraded to the world of the E! network. But there are other ways then prancing around shaking your ass in a bikini on national television.

Although it does sound like I am trying to be a hater,I'm not. But you can't really make a song about popping Molly, cocaine in a bathroom, twerking and shaking it like your in a strip club and how its all ok because only God can judge you, and think we as a public will A, take you seriously. And B, not call you names like skank, whore, trash, etc.

We all are aware that you can't stop and won't stop, but we are still holding hope that you will. The same way we know this was "just a performance" but you don't see other singers doing this. Well except 2chainz and all his "big booty hoes". As much as you don't care what people think, there has to be a part of you that does. As Snooki said, maybe your just going thru your Xtina "dirty days" or having a Lindsay Lohan/Amanda Bynes moment. Or maybe you are just being Miley. But one day you will be married (Hopefully to Liam if he still wants to because I know I'd be coming home with a VMA and no fiance) with kids and you will have all this to haunt you.

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